Children and Chiropractic Care.

Children and Chiropractic Care,

Some Tell Tale Signs They May Need Care...


    1. The child complains of frequent headaches, neck pain, or back pain. While these may also be signs of a more serious condition, a licensed chiropractor is trained to tell the difference and refer out if necessary. 

    2. Look at the child’s posture from a side view. The child’s ears should be over the shoulders. The ears, shoulders, hips and feet should line up vertically in a straight line. 

    3. Look at the child’s posture from a frontal view. Does the child seem to tilt their head to one side? Are the shoulders level on a horizontal plane or does one shoulder sit higher than the other?  

    4. Does your child play contact sports? I can not begin to tell you how many patients we see later on in their lives who have chronic issues due to injuries sustained in athletics as a child. These problems can all be avoided through chiropractic maintenance. 

     If you suspect your child may have postural distortions, the earlier you get them into a chiropractor’s office, the better. Don’t let your child suffer through the same aches and pains in adulthood that you have. Contact the doctors at Long Point Family Chiropractic to have your child evaluated today.