Staying Healthy In A Sick and Toxic World

Staying Healthy in a Sick and Toxic World


Foods are not what they once were. Even today’s “fresh” produce is far less nutritious. Consider these facts:

-To get the iron that was available in one cup of spinach in 1945, you would have to consume 65 cups today

-An orange that contained 50mg of natural vitamin C complex in 1950 now contains 5mg

America’s most precious resource is healthy soil. It is the medium for all plant life. The rich, nutrient filled cover of the Earth, from where food crops draw their sustenance, is referred to as “topsoil.” It is only in the precious, shallow topsoil that plants are seeded, sprouted, and grown. These plants serve as food for animals on the lowest end of the food chain. Animals that eat these plants supply food to animals on the highest end of this food chain.


When Europeans settled this country in the 1700’s they found 18 to 25 inches of nutrient rich topsoil. Today our most productive farmlands average about 6 inches of topsoil . Top soil has been eroding at 17 times the rate at which it forms. There are 3 main causes for America’s topsoil depletion:


1.) Deforestation - Over 260 million acres of trees in America have been cut down to raise livestock. These trees used to shade the soil, hold it in place, and act as pumps to draw water up near the surface of the ground. Without these forests, our topsoil is exposed to more sun, wind, and rain, which bakes it dry, washes it off into rivers, or simply blows it away.


2.) Incorrect Farming Methods - In recent years food production in the US has switched to a “quantity” over “quality”  mind set. More and more industrial farmers are not taking the time to replenish the soil or rotate their crops as they once did. To make up for this they are dumping excessive chemical fertilizers into the topsoil. These chemical fertilizers produce topsoil which is horribly lacking in trace minerals, fungus, and microbial life.


3.) Overuse of Fungicides and Pesticides - Pesticide production from 1945 to 1990 increased 3,300%. In that same time period crop loss due to insect damage has increased 20%. Insects are mutating so as to be able to live on these poisons. Unfortunately, humans are not. These chemicals are running off into the soil and into our waterways at alarming rates, creating sterilized soil and toxic rivers and oceans.


There are several ways for us to still get the nutrients we need. First and foremost, we can support organic farmers who use safe and effective farming methods. The second option is to take a whole food based supplement. Long Point Family Chiropractic is proud to offer a full line of Standard Process whole food, organic supplements.