"I suffer from scoliosis and chiropractic care is necessary. I have seen many chiropractors and I know that the care that I receive from Long Point Chiropractic is top notch. Trust me!"

- Laura Nagelberg, Mt Pleasant SC-

"My day job as a tax accountant requires long hours peering at a computer screen. In addition, I am a part-time graduate student so when not at work, I can often be found with my head bent over textbooks. I wasn't surprised when I began having neck pain. Even though I knew nothing about chiropractic care, I decided to give it a shot. On my first visit, I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Gaffney and Dr. Greenman. After only a few visits, I started feeling relief from my symptoms. Now, seven months later, I have completed my treatment and have almost no neck pain. On the rare occasions when I do start to feel achy, Dr. Gaffney is always able and happy to see me whenever I need to come in. My experience at Long Point Family Chiropractic was wonderful, and I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for chiropractic care."

- Sarah Yurysta, Mt Pleasant SC-

"As a migraine sufferer for over ten years, I have tried everything to "control" the frequency and intensity of each headache. I tried strict diets, various pain regiments, daily medications doctors and neurologists have prescribed but nothing worked, at least not long term. Pain medication was great until I suffered from "rebound" headaches. These were worse than an actual migraine.
After several visits, consultations I can honestly say that my life is different. My headaches are less frequent (less than 1 per month) and less intense. Thanks to Dr. Greenman my life is normal and I have the freedom to live life to the fullest without the interruptions of migraine symptoms."

-Shawna Lentz, Charleston SC-

"Before coming to Long point Family Chiropractic I had seen several Neurologists over the course of 14 months due to daily migraines. I had been sent for several CAT scans and just as many MRIs with no answers as to the reason for my pain. After going through all the procedures, tests, and medications, I was still having migraines that had begun to interfere with my job and my school work. One day I attended a meeting where Dr. Gaffney and Dr. Greenman talked about what chiropractic therapy could do. They mentioned migraines and I decided that I would call their office and see if chiropractic therapy was right for me. Dr. Gaffney answered all my questions and made an appointment for me the next day. He took some x-rays and ran some diagnostic tests to pin point the location of the problem. I have now been going to LPFC for 4 months and have only had a slight headache every now and again. The doctors at LPFC are wonderful and I would still be suffering from migraines today if I had not started going to LPFC. I recommend LPFC to anyone who is in pain and needs relief.....you won't regret it."

- Jamie O'Rourke, Monks Corner SC-

"Long Point Chiropractic has enabled me to enjoy the life I want. My job as well as averaging 25 miles of running a week has taken an incapacitating toll on my back. Dr. Greenman addressed all of my anxieties surrounding chiropractic therapy and made me feel at ease with the treatment. He understands that the process can be intimidating and through education and simply talking me through a session, he has put all of my fears to rest. The adjustments have always been a relief and never painful. When I arrived for my first visit I could not stand comfortably, sleep, and certainly could not keep up my exercise regiment. I was shocked to learn that he could also relieve my shin splint pain with a simple adjustment. I am happy to say that with periodic maintenance adjustments, I no longer suffer from crippling back pain and have also begun running on a regular basis once again. I know that with the help of Dr. Greenman, I am taking a preventative course of action that will keep my body aligned as I get older, which will secure a happy and active future."

- Erin LaMarche, Mt Pleasant SC-

"I had struggled with chronic and excessive dry and itchy skin for years.  Over the counter creams and prescription topicals provided temporary relief, but nothing seemed to "cure" or "heal" the underlying problem.  Dr. Greenman introduced me to Standard Process supplements and the concept of healing the body from the inside-out, that is--replenishing what the body is lacking and flushing the system of unneeded excess.  After three months of using a Standard Process protocol designed specifically for me, the chronic dry and itchy skin went away.  How do I know that this wasn't just another temporary relief?  Even after I stopped using the supplements after the prescribed amount of time, the dryness and itchiness have not returned!  Thanks Dr. Greenman and Standard Process."   

-Susan Johnson- Mt Pleasant, SC-

"When I came to Long Point Family Chiropractic I was suffering from migraine headaches weekly. My primary care physician prescribed three medications to help control the frequency of the headaches, two of which I would have to take daily. Dr. Gaffney not only relieved the headaches, he managed to control them through adjustments and other therapies. He provided me with relief, all without the use of medication! I have been a patient of Long Point Chiropractic for six months and have had only two headaches. I highly recommend Dr. Gaffney and his team to anyone who suffers from migraine headaches. Help beyond medication is available at Long Point Chiropractic.

-Melissa Hagedorn, Mt. Pleasant, SC-