Whole foods are more healthy than processed foods.

Why Whole Foods?


The body is designed to utilize food in its whole form. When you consume whole foods, the many known and unknown factors in that food work synergistically to cause a specific reaction in your body.  If you eat incomplete foods, all the missing factors are borrowed from the tissue reserves in order to make the partial food usable. 
Let’s take a look at Vitamin C to show you what I’m talking about.  Vitamin C complex is made up of ascorbic acid, Vitamin K, P factors, enzymes, and more unknown organic factors.  It is the presence of all these synergistic factors which gives the whole food its functional potency. When you synthetically remove one or more of these factors from the Vitamin C complex, it no longer maintains its ability to function.  The FDA has decided that you rate any Vitamin C product according to the amount of ascorbic acid it contains.  Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant and the preservative part of Vitamin C.  However, to say ascorbic acid is vitamin C is like looking at a wheel and saying that it is an automobile, while it is just a small part of an automobile. 
Unfortunately, megadoses of synthetic vitamins which contain only fractions of the whole vitamin complex are the industry standard.  Since the vitamins are synthetic, your body treats them as a toxin and eliminates them from your body.  The results are these “bed pan bullets” which were named because of hospital workers finding them in the bedpans of patients when they cleaned them.  So, when looking for a quality supplement, always look for whole food supplements instead of chemically synthetic fractionated vitamins.